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Sonix Health is prepared to answer questions about what patients can expect before, during, and after Sound Wave Application.

Often multiple applications are needed for maximum benefit, but the decision is up to you and your licensed physician.

Below are testimonials and reviews of our innovative low frequency acoustic therapy system and the positive results our patients have experienced.


Diagnosed with Rheumatio Arthritis, causing, inflammation in most joints. She was taking anti-inflammatory drugs, with no relief. After Sonix Health, all inflammation was gone and has remained gone.

“I am constantly on the computer for work. My hands and wrists are usually swollen twenty-four seven even with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The first treatment wiped me out without any improvement (I believe this was a healing crisis). The second treatment I had slight improvement, but by the fourth treatment, all of the swelling was gone and has been gone for a few weeks now. I can type all day at the computer without any pain or swelling. I definitely recommend trying Sonix Health.”

Grace S,38

Tonya has a six year old daughter the suffers from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis since the age of two. She has swelling in most joints and has been on Methyltexate, various NSAIDs, and steroids. She was unable to participate in activities for longer than ten minutes due to pain and fatigue. After treatment, energy and stamina has increased and is currently off all medications.

“After the second treatment of Sonix Health, she said she felt great. She did 2 more treatments of Sonix Health. Here energy and stamina has increased and she is currently off all medications. This child is now skipping everywhere, running, jumping, biking, roller blading and doing everything a normal kid should do without any pain or swelling! Her older siblings are having a hard time keeping up with her new found energy. Anyone who has any Arthritis should give this a try.”


Blood Related Diseases

Diagnosed with kidney disease and anemia. After Sonix Health, kidney function improved from 2.2 to a 2 and anemia improved from below an 11 to a 12.8.

“I was amazed at the results. I feel fantastic. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

Jennifer E, 33

Experienced leg cramping due to blocked arteries in upper legs. After therapy cramping in legs no longer occurs, feet and lower legs feel warmth for the first time in five years.

“This therapy may keep me from having by-pass surgery. Sonix Health has changed my life. Thank you very much.”

William G, 68

Anemic and blood showed a low iron count. During the Sonix Health treatment she made several visits to the doctor for tests and blood count rose in about 10 weeks and is still above 12 today.

“Thanks Al, for your research and development of this great machine. It’s good to know you don’t always have to take medicine or get an operation to get real medical help.”

Penny J, 48


Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, causing pain through her body. After therapy she experienced less pain and an increase in energy.

“I have had fibromyalgia for one and a half years. My back is less stiff and my hands and feet no longer hurt.”

Bea S, 56

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and myo faso pain. After Sonix Health she no longer experiences pain or headaches.

“As a massage therapist, Sonix Health has made it possible to continue working. Sonix Health has changed the way I manage my pain. Now I have control.”

Vicky S, 45

Limited Mobility

After Sonix Health treatments Gwen has less knee pain, stairs are easier, and has better mobility.

“My husband and I both had knee pain that lessened after Sonix Health treatments. We go up and down stairs more easily. We have better mobility. I felt I had more energy also.”


Experienced issues from multiple fractures in ankle. After the Sonix Health therapy she is able to rotate ankle with out stiffness, can go down stairs and put full weight on her toes again.

“After 18 months recovery, therapy, gym sessions, and being advised by the orthopedic doctor, I would not have full movement again, I can stand on tiptoe with full weight.”

Sherry B, 55

Had limited mobility in hand, back, and cervical. After therapy Deanne is able to close her hand and rotate neck freely.

“I feel better — not perfect, but much improved.”


Lyme Disease

Below is Rita’s treatment diary explaining her disease, how she was feeling before and after therapy sessions, and how Sonix Health changed her life.

Background & 1st Session: My memory isn’t good, walking is difficult, I have chronic fatigue, pain is extreme, bedridden in a fetal position most days. I am taking pain meds, sleep meds, anxiety meds. After first Sonix Health therapy session—I feel lighter, and feel a great tingling in my legs, with less pain.

Day After 1st Session: After my session yesterday, I went home, was able to stay up for two hours. For the first time in seven years I was able to cook dinner, and had the energy to stay up and eat it with my family. I felt even more tingling and improved blood flow in my toes and legs, especially in my right leg.

5th Session: Today, I feel more energy when I got up than I have had for a long time. Pain level overall was a 3, compared to 8-10 normally; energy level was, 7 which I haven’t had in a long time. I feel alert, my thinking is clear. I had a healing reaction on the third day, which they warned me might happen. It lasted about a day and then I started feeling better. This day is the best day yet.

6th Session: Yesterday we went to the beach, I went in the water, and walked on sand, which is huge. In the past I could barely walk on carpet. I just wanted to shout “I feel normal”, like I did before I got sick! I only had pain meds once yesterday, from six Vicodins, down to two.

9th & Last Session: Rita recapped her Sonix Health experience and how she is so excited about getting her quality of life back.

“I contracted Lyme seven years ago from a tick bite. My symptoms rapidly deteriorated to being bedridden 85% of the time for the last several years. I had severe pain throughout my entire body, no muscular strength, no energy, brain fog, etc. I saw 28 doctors during that time, received 54 different medications, plus IV antibiotics for 11 months and was not getting anywhere. My quality of life was gone, I felt like a huge burden to my family. I had pretty much given up. There were days I did not want to live.

My daughter found Sonix Health on the Internet. We drove our motor home down to the Sonix Health treatment facility in Naples, Florida, because I was too sick to fly. By the end of the week we were walking the beach and I felt like a normal person again. My strength and energy were back and the majority of my pain was gone. That week changed my life and I thank God my daughter found out about Sonix Health. The staff there are now some of my best friends in the world.”



Experienced migraines and tension headaches 3 to 4 times a week. After introduced to Sonix Health she went to 3 treatments in a week and was thrilled to report she didn’t have a migraine or headache that week and has only had 3 since she began the treatment.

“I have suffered with migraine headaches since the age of thirteen and I have had a difficult time finding a medication to relieve that pain. Sonix Health has changed the quality of my life and for that I am forever grateful.”

Sandra M, 36

Suffered from chronic migraines, everyday. Tried many different medications, nothing seemed to help. After therapy the everyday migraines are gone.

“Sonix Health has been life changing for me. To be able to live life without constant pain is wonderful.”

Monika B, 34

Experienced headaches and cramps. After Sonix Health she is relaxed with no headaches or cramps and energy level is high.

“It must be experienced. It relieved my headache and my cramps. I felt energized, relaxed, and renewed.”

Laurie C, 42

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, was dragging foot, and struggling to walk. Upon walking out of treatment he was able to walk out on his own and ms exacerbation he was experiencing has stopped.

“I am amazed at the results I experienced. I am writing this almost three weeks after receiving two treatments and I am still in remission! Thanks Sonix Health!”

David M, 52

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, was experiencing weakness in legs and arms. After first treatment he was able to walk for two hours with no tripping or stumbling. This improved more with each treatment.

“This improvement is a significant change in that during the past year, my extremities have been very weak and caused much stumbling and tripping.”

James K, 57

Experienced chronic pain and limited mobility in shoulder due to early stages of multiple sclerosis, car accidents, and horseback riding falls. After therapy she was relaxed, pain free, energized, slept better, and had complete range of motion in shoulder.

“My experience was great. I felt a relaxing sensation go through my body and the following day I was energized and without pain. It was almost like all the negative feelings had been washed away.”

Jane O, 47

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was dragging foot. After treatment he is walking steady.

“I haven’t been able to put full weight on legs in eight years. Now I’m standing straight, walking with no cane. Praise God for this discovery.”

Billy A, 60


After the Sonix Health treatment patient had increased energy, was able to stay up late, cleaning, studying, ect. Ankle pain has also decreased.

“I would recommend Sonix Health to others as a way to increase health and clearer thinking. It also appears to help injuries heal as my ankle is actually feeling better. It is also wonderful for energy and motivation.”


Experienced pain and numbness through shoulder area for the past 20 years. After her second therapy session she was completely pain free.

“Absolutely amazed after completed three sessions. Discomfort was gone and I could sleep better and I’ve been really able to lay down flat on my back in bed, with no discomfort. Thanks for this new discovery. Al is great and making us all feel comfortable during the whole session.”

Becky A, 59

Experienced severe pain in right knee and was approved for arthoscoping surgery. After one treatment there was immediate reduction in pain and there is less pain after each treatment. He has put off scheduling a surgery.

“I went to the first treatment expecting nothing, but I thought I had nothing to lose by trying. During the first session, I could feel something happening in my knee. I still have some knee pain, but with each session it diminishes more. My hope is to not need surgery and I feel that I am well on the way toward that goal. I have also felt the effects of the treatments in my chest. This is relevant as I had an angioplasty and stent in November of 2004 and still had one coronary artery that was 40% blocked, which was not enough for conventional treatment.”

Chip G, 56

Experienced pain and restricted movement in lower back, wrist and neck. He now is able to move freely and has no pain.

“I love the way it made a difference in one visit. Neck pain is gone. My back feels much better. My wrist is improving.”

Georgia G, 52

Head to toes in severe and constant pain 24/7. Her hands were swollen, leaving here unable to accomplish tasks. After 3 treatments she is standing taller and here legs and hands are moving better with less pain.

“I am a housewife — I’m raising four children. I’ve worked hard all my life, never dreaming I would become so in-compassionate in my life, but I am praying Sonix Health and Al’s encouragement will help me become a person with less pain and more mobility.”

Theresa C, 77

After suffering a tailbone injury she was in constant pain through out the day and evening. After treatment there was no pain and she was able to sit without pain of discomfort.

“This therapy technology should be used by all who are ailing. Just after this one treatment, I’m feeling no pain or discomfort. Thank you, Sonix Health. I’ll be returning for all ailments.”

Alison B, 41

Experienced pain from her right hip down to leg. After therapy hip pain was relieved and was no longer radiating down her leg.

“It’s very relaxing. It really attacked pain that I have had for years. I’m looking forward to several more treatments to make sure pain stays away.”

Kathleen J, 51

A severe accident resulted in 3 damaged discs and a head injury. Patrick suffered from pain in back down to legs and numbness in legs, hands, and arms. After first treatment the numbness and pain in his hands was relieved. He also had an increase in motion. These things were immediately noticed by himself and his chiropractor that was with him.

“After two years of suffering with chronic pain, numbness, and walking with canes, nothing has impacted the healing and relief as fast and complete as Sonix Health treatments. The immediate results are impressive!”

Patrick K, 50

Suffered from pain in left hand night and day, to a point she could hardly bare. After one therapy session there was no pain.

“I have a pace maker, so I didn’t know if I should take the treatment or not. Since I was in so much pain with my hand, I was ready to try anything. It was wonderful! I feel great. No more pain!”

Bernice G, 69

Experienced pain and swelling in feet making it difficult to walk. Was also experiencing acid reflux. After therapy treatments feet are 85% better and the acid reflux he was experiencing is gone.

“Acid reflux gone after one treatment. I could feel my feet improving during the treatment and I can put weight on my toes. There is no more swelling and very little discomfort.”

Avis D, 66

Suffered from lower back pain. After the first treatment the pain was gone.

“The pain had been with me for 8-10 years. I had tried every treatment possible with only temporary relief. Sonix Health solved all problems in one treatment, and my pain has not returned.”

Somer H, 59

Experienced pain in hand and shoulder. After one treatment there is no pain in either hand, shoulder or anywhere else.

“We all learn to live with the aches and pains, as we get older. The second morning after my visit to Sonix Health, I got out of bed like a 30 year old—no back aches or anything. I told my wife that I felt like someone has injected me in the top of my head and rid my whole body of pain!”

Bernie L, 67

Suffered from repetitive stress syndrome and pain in the arm and neck. She had been attending physical therapy and was needing to take pain medication. After one treatment her arm felt significantly better. After two treatments neck pain was reduced. She has cut back her pain medication to almost nothing.

“My physical therapist had given me a grip test a week before I went to Sonix Health. I tested at 41 lbs. My arm felt so much stronger when I got back. I asked if I could test again. It measured 61 lbs That’s 20 lbs improvement in my grip.”

Elizabeth H, 51

Experienced pain in all joints, primarily knees, ankles, and shoulders. After Sonix Health she has absolutely no pain in legs or shoulders.

“I suffer from constant joint pain. After my first treatment, all of the pain was gone. It is the most amazing thing.”

Bonnie N, 42

Suffered from body aches on a daily basis, to the point of crying herself to sleep and lost motivation to live. After just one treatment she began to feel freedom from the pain, both body and mind.

“I felt such positive energy throughout the day: I could hardly wait for another session. Each time I go for therapy, I feel so alive inside. My body aches have dissipated. I no longer cry myself to sleep at night. I look forward to going through each day. My entire being has been invigorated. I don’t completely understand how it works, but Sonix Health has been my lifesaver.”

Victoria N, 46

Experienced pain in back and knees, had a hard time getting out of bed and climbing stairs. After first treatment there is no more pain.

“I was going to sell my home to get away from the stairs—Now I sprint up them with no pain. I thought my morning back pain would be with me for life. I bought an expensive new mattress—no help. Sonix Health fixed the problem. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care. Pain free is wonderful!”


Suffered from neuropathy in both feet, pain in lower pain and neck, and spinal stenosis. After therapy there was a marked reduction, approximately 40% of normal in the number of units firing in the right C6 distribution, with very well established resignation.

“Per the doctor, my body is healing itself! He had no explanation of why my body is healing itself. He didn’t know I was going to Sonix Health. He has also said that now I don’t need an operation (two doctors said the same thing). Prior to coming to Sonix Health, I was told I needed a laminee to my neck surgery. My range of motion in my neck is so much better.”

Jeffrey R, 60

Suffered from stomach pain and carpal tunnel of the wrist. After Sonix Health stomach and wrist pain were relieved.

“The experience at Sonix Health has changed my life forever. I tell people my story and it’s hard to believe I am doing so well.”

Michael T, 59

Poor Circulation

Suffered from gout, resulting in pain and swollen feet. Also experienced pain in lower back and shoulder. After therapy there is no pain and also noticeable increase in energy.

“Everything gone. No more, thank God. I feel wonderful with no pain since. Also, I feel much better with high energy level. I am very thankful to have this treatment of Sonix Health.”

Mike O, 62

Suffered from poor circulation making it difficult to get up from sitting without severe pain. After the therapy session was over she was able to get out of her seat with no pain.

“I have received therapy a few times and am able to get out of bed with almost no pain and walk down the steps with ease.”

Joan R, 59

Experienced poor circulation and limited mobility. After therapy she had better circulation, had 50% more movement and less pain in back.

“I was truly amazed at the progress I made in four sittings. This is like a miracle. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.”

Barbara R, 51

A heart transplant victim with a heavy heart, head and neck pains, and bad circulation. After Sonix Health heaviness in heart and pain were gone. Her circulation also significantly increased.

“I was able to ride my bicycle two miles without any pain. I felt so good. I plan to do therapy every six months.”

Irene H, 72

Our mission is to create a better way to manage pain with innovation in technology and to improve the quality of life without invasive procedures or medications

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