Relaxation Therapy


The human organism is the seat of a set of reactions in response to factors of various origins. Information, activities, observations and the like are realities of daily life that can cause (if not properly managed) emotional or physiological disturbances .

This is the case of stress, anxiety Indeed, their repercussions influence the moral and physical stability which is in relation to the spirit. In order to restore balance between body and mind, it is crucial to heal these two entities.

Relaxation therapy offers the opportunity to work on the body, but also on the mind. The goal is to restore harmony between the two.

It also provides a specific preventive or therapeutic solution to all dysfunctions in the area of ​​emotional disorder that generates muscle tension. To do this, it uses natural methods that are impressive in their effectiveness. What can we learn from these approaches?

How Sonix Health is different

Relaxation therapy takes into account a series of factors that justify the potentially observable variability.

Sessions are usually held weekly and manual applications are done on dressed patients. 

During the first session, you tell your life in front of the therapist. The latter follows you carefully, noting the signals your body emits. These signals will allow him to have an idea of ​​the areas of tension. He in turn explains his observations to you and helps you to unlock these areas.

Several relaxation therapies stand out for their simplicity and practicality. From then on, you benefit from free relaxation sessions by familiarizing yourself with certain exercises. For example, it involves mobilizing one’s concentration on a joyful fact that marks one’s day or one’s life. 

You are thus invited to relive through thought, the wonderful and intense moments experienced. It is also possible to practice deep breathing (breathing through the belly) which, beyond restoring body-mind stability, boosts your metabolism considerably. 

You can indulge in sports (cycling, walking, swimming, etc.) and other exercises of your choice. The benefits of relaxation therapies are countless.

How does it work?

Autogenic training

Autogenic training (AT) is probably the best known way to calm down. The AT is a concentrative self-relaxation through auto suggestion. The relaxation takes place through an intense idea of ​​rest and relaxation. AT consists of many different exercises. The goal is essentially the regulation of the vegetative nervous system, which is associated with a rapid recovery in both the physical and mental area.

Progressive muscle relaxation (PM)

The relaxation therapy arises from the systematic, sequential tension and relaxation of different muscle groups. In the long term, this enables a more conscious body awareness. Stressful situations can be perceived earlier. By counteracting it in good time, a balance of tension and relaxation is maintained.


Far Eastern relaxation methods such as yoga have been practiced with great success in western countries for years. Yoga consists of a series of postures or postures that involve the entire musculature. These are carried out consciously and especially slowly. The practitioner concentrates on his movements and tries to be mentally involved. Yoga keeps the body flexible and relieves tension.

breathing exercises

Most people breathe poorly and unevenly in stressful situations. Breathing plays a major role in all relaxation therapies, because calm, conscious breathing has a calming effect on the central nervous system and thus contributes to balance and inner peace.

A simple breathing exercise is when you lie on your back, focus on the breath and deliberately inhale and exhale deeply and follow the breath.

Even in everyday working life, for example at the desk, it is relaxing if you briefly turn your breath and deliberately inhale and exhale. 

There are respiratory therapists with whom one can learn special breathing therapy.


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