Natural remedy for pain


If we want to obtain better results on natural remedy for pain, we can also take advantage of the analgesic properties of some infusions to reduce both inflammation and pain.

Whether we suffer from habitual or punctual pain, we can prepare some natural remedies that will help us relieve inflammation and pain.

Whether for muscle pain, back pain, sciatica, after an operation, to relieve osteoarthritis, for a toothache or any injury, natural remedy for pain are powerful and useful remedies.

There are natural, simple and inexpensive solutions, so why deprive yourself of them? In addition, side effects are almost nonexistent, unlike most drugs.


How Sonix Health is different 

The majority of patients who seek natural remedy for pain, say they are ready to discuss with our doctor.

Health professionals should therefore be trained, with supporting research, on techniques that are effective or not. This would improve the advice provided to the patient and better coordinate the care path.

Sessions are usually held weekly and manual applications are done on dressed patients.

Our experts also explain in detail the treatments for pain. Finally, you will be able to learn about the different medically assisted procreation techniques on natural remedy for pain.

How does it work?

Autogenic training

Natural painkiller: put cold or warm

First natural painkiller and first useful reflex to have: use hot or cold . By using either ice or hot, you can do a lot of good. But also bad … Ice or hot can help reduce bleeding, inflammation, swelling, muscle contractures or pain following an injury or accident. They can also speed healing and recovery from injuries. 

The good reflexes to have to relieve pain either with hot or with cold:

♦ the painful area is swollen, hot and even red. This means that there is inflammation. So I put ice . This is the case after an accident, shock or injury.

♦ The painful area is not swollen, there was no shock or accident. The muscle is hard, so I’m warm !

Herbal teas.

Mother nature is well done! She has a whole bunch of plants that have super powers on our bodies.

There are many other natural herbal remedies but the idea for you is to have things that are easy to use, effective on all of the pain and that you can have on hand.

Infusions of valerian or willow bark with the addition of fresh ginger pieces are extremely effective. For this, infuse everything in boiling water and drink 3 to 5 cups per day, spread over the whole of your day. This provides a powerful painkiller but also anti-inflammatory effect, which should greatly help you. Many pains are the result of inflammation!

Spices, supplements and food

To increase the natural painkiller effect , you will be able to add a teaspoon of turmeric to all your dishes . Its taste is light and it is excellent for helping your body fight your pain.

The curcumin is the bioactive compound in turmeric that gives the plant its healing properties. It is one of the safest anti-inflammatory drugs you can take as natural remedy for pain.

Essential oils

There are many essential oils effective against pain. The essential oils of lavender , eucalyptus , rosemary and peppermint are powerful natural painkillers.

For headaches , place a drop of peppermint and one of lavender on your index finger and spread a little oil on your temples, neck and forehead.

Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation

Too often left out, these disciplines are very effective against pain . We must not forget that pain can be compared to an emotion that only exists in our brain.

This does not mean that it is not real, quite the contrary. But just like joy or sadness, by working on our mind we can change the perception of pain and relieve ourselves greatly.

We therefore advise you to orient yourself towards relaxationyoga or meditation practices which act on both the body and the mind .



DISCLAIMER: The content provided is for general information purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Under no circumstances does Sonix Health, Sonix Health Distributing or any of its affiliates recommend a particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommend consultation with a physician before pursuing any course of treatment. 

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