Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety disorders are a group of disorders characterized by restlessness and anxiety. For example, short, intense seizures such as panic attacks and persistent symptoms of varying nature in a generalized anxiety disorder. However, the anxiety that accompanies severe illness often does not reach the level of anxiety disorder.

Mental illnesses are slightly more common in seriously ill people than in the general population. The frequency of each mental illness depends on the stage of the disease. Fear and depression dominate in the early stages of serious illness. Among other things, they can manifest as physical symptoms with severe pain, discomfort and difficulty breathing. Psychotic symptoms and delirium are more common in the last phase of the disease.


The main cause of anxiety is often the confrontation with the incurability of the disease and the possible impending death. Social, family, economic, spiritual and existential problems and worries can come to that. Experiences of helplessness and loneliness can further increase anxiety.

Symptoms and signs of anxiety

Common anxiety symptoms include anxiety, inner restlessness, inability to relax, difficulty concentrating, irritability , difficulty sleeping , shortness of breath , sweating and palpitations .

In children, anxiety may show affection, fear of separation from close family members, or general anxiety.

Damage to the brain, eg. B. by a tumor or radiation, metabolic disorders and respiratory distress can cause anxiety symptoms. Also, some drugs can cause anxiety symptoms as a side effect.

While it’s important to follow the advice from your doctor and work towards a cure – at Sonix Health, we believe in a holistic approach to anxiety relief in Sydney.



How Sonix Health is different

The aim of the anxiety relief is to relieve the anxiety and tension of the patients.

Anxiety disorders  and other mental disorders should be treated. If the anxiety symptoms are caused by concomitant diseases, their treatment is in the foreground.

We believe our patients should be involved in decision making regarding stress relief. Together, realistic goals should be worked out.

For children, therapy should always be done in collaboration with a specialist department.


How does Stress relief?

Non-drug therapy

Targeted discussions and individual psychological support form the basis of non-drug therapy and prevention of mental illness. Our Doctors always support our patients in Stress relief and give them specific information. It is natural for patients to show emotional reactions. Worries and problems can be clarified in the conversation. 

A calm environment and the voice or touch of familiar people can already help to calm down.

Various methods can be used to assist, e.g. Physical exercises, relaxation methods, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, art and music therapy, meditation, yoga and mindfulness exercises, aromatherapy, basal stimulation, ablutions and rubs.

Medical therapy

If other measures are not enough to relieve anxiety, medications may be prescribed.

From a medical perspective, there is a risk that patients may become dependent on sedatives. However, this is not important in patients with a short life expectancy. 

Drug therapy of pronounced anxiety

In severe anxiety midazolam can be administered as a permanent infusion under the skin. This anxiety relief therapy in Australia is primarily used in patients with severe anxiety during the last weeks of life. 

However, it should not lead to a loss of consciousness. The anxiety relief therapy is carried out under careful supervision of nursing staff and doctors.

Diseases & Conditions responsive to wave application

Our patented Sound Wave Application system may provide relief for inflammation, circulation, nervous system function, pain and overall cellular health.




Carpal Tunnel

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain


Drop Foot



Muscle Damage



Lyme Disease






Poor Circulation


Sports Injuries




What to expect

Patients often feel a warm, tingly sensation throughout their entire body or around the affected area, typically due to increased circulation by helping to dilate blood vessels.

People may also feel a noticeable energy boost during and/or after the application. Some patients experience a delay in healing or temporary worsening of symptoms due to the cleansing of toxins and increased circulation.

As with other full body therapies like a massage, symptoms can include, but are not limited to, headaches, fatigue, joint pain or pain at an injury site, bowel discomfort, and other symptoms.

Commonly referred to as a healing crisis, symptoms often improve in time, but should be monitored and discussed with your licensed medical professional

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